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Join Symmetry Direct Opportunity

Symmetry Direct Opportunities with Genesisdistributors.com

We provide four ways to get started with Symmetry Direct
Choose the method that best fits your background, goals, and resources.


FREE Start

Cheap Start
($89.73 + $50/mo)
Standard Start
(Starting at $114.95 + $50/mo)
BIG Start
(Starting at $537.20 +$50/mo)
FREE START:  This program is to help people who have no experience, no networking skills, and no money get started for FREE in a business they can operate completely online. 
Cheap Start:  This program is intended for people with some money and experience who want to operate their business entirely online; it allows you to get started with minimal expense.
Standard Start:  This program is for those who have a little money, who want to ease their way into  personal selling, and do not want to make a huge investment all at once
BIG Start:  This program is intended for those are experienced in sales and are able to spend a little extra money to rapidly grow their Symmetry business.
Individual results will vary depending on circumstances, effort, and capability.  This is not a job, but a business opportunity.  All opportunities carry risk.
Neither Symmetry Direct or Genesisdistributors.com can guarantee income or success.

How To Become A Millionaire
With the Symmetry DIrect Opportunity


To become rich, you have three options: Cheap, Easy, or Fast.  However, you only get two out of the three. 


It takes money to make money, but some opportunities cost less than others.  You can  become rich without spending a fortune. 


 Hard work pays off, but smart work pays better.  You can put in fewer hours, get more done, and become rich faster by leveraging the work of others to multiply your efforts


Slow and steady wins the race, but fast and hard leaves the competition in the dust!  You can get rich fast, but it will come at a cost. 

CHEAP AND EASY (Slow):  Put in a 1-2 a day and build an automated system over a period of 3-4years; reinvest the profits and collect compound interest.
EASY AND FAST (Expensive):  Spend a lot of money to buy someone else's automated system and collect the profits. 
FAST AND CHEAP (Difficult):  Work hard, develop a skill or talent that allows you to turn an abundant or wasted resource into something rare that people badly want.

Becoming Rich With Symmetry Direct

You can become rich with Symmetry Direct.  However, you can also become rich as an auto-mechanic, a hair dresser, or anything else you do by applying the three principles of Delegation, Automation, and Compounding (See Becoming Rich).  In Symmetry Direct you become rich by building an automated system for selling the products.  This system can be an organization of sellers, or it can be a collection of webpages.  At Genesisdistributors.com we provide you with tools to do both.

To build this system, you have three options:  EASY, CHEAP, or FAST.  Unforturnately, you can only have two of these at a time.  At Genesisdistributors.com we focus primarily on offering programs that are EASY and CHEAP; they don't take a lot of effort or money to get started,  However, this means that it is going to take time to build up an income and become rich.  

To make money FASTER, you will have to either put in more work, or more money.  You could work double overtime building and promoting webpages, or hire people to do the work for you.  You could buy a ton of products and beat the streets looking for potential customers.  These things will make you money FASTER, but they are not EASY or CHEAP.

At Genesisdistributors.com our goal is to create a system that is CHEAP and EASY.  We want to make it so that someone with absolutely NO money can put in 1-2 hours a day, sitting at their home computer, and within a 3-4 years have a substantial residual income.  That is to say that they could set up an automated system that will continue making them money even after they stop working.  Then, if they want to continue onward, they can expand that system and in 10 years be a millionaire.  

We believe that you can use this program to become rich.  We have met people in Direct Sales (MLM) who have built large organizations and make millions of dollars each year.  Most of these people built their organizations in the manner we lay out: Slow and Steady.  It took them about 10 years of steady effort to build their automated system.  We believe you can do the same thing, and want to provide you with the tools to do so.  



Do it CHEAP and EASY

Our programs focus on CHEAP and EASY.  Even our BIG Start program is fairly inexpensive set up, and can be operated with just a few hours of effort each day.


Do it EASY and FAST

You can make money EASY and FAST by purchasing this website.  Our current price is $250,000 plus we will throw in one year of maintenance for free.  Contact Baltzley Web Services for details. 


Do it FAST and CHEAP

You can make money FAST and CHEAP if you work additional hours.  Instead of the standard 1-2 hours per day, you could put in 3-4 hours, or even full 8 hour days. 

Individual results will vary depending on circumstances, effort, and capability.  This is not a job, but a business opportunity.  All opportunities carry risk.
Neither Symmetry Direct or Genesisdistributors.com can guarantee income or success.
  What You Need To Succeed
With the Symmetry Direct Opportunity
  Top 10 Tips  

If you are reading this, then you most likely have access to a computer and the internet.  It also means that you probably have basic computer skills.  You also need to have an interest in any of the following (or related) topics:  

  • Health and Wellness:  Nutrition, Diet, Exercise; Weight Loss; etc...
  • Alternative Medicine;  Herbal Remedies; Energy Healing; Chiropractics; etc...
  • Beauty; Makeup, Masks, Anti-aging, Cosmetic Surgery, etc...
  • Making Money:  Work From Home; Starting a Business;  Odd Jobs; Investing; Real-estate; etc...
  • Sales; Branding; Marketing; Advertising; Negotiations; etc...
  • E-Commerce;  Search Engine Optimization; Web Design;  Programming; etc...
  • Multi-Level-Marketing:  Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Scams, etc...
  • Becoming Rich: Principles; Stories; Case Studies; Opportunities; etc...

It is not essential to have a background in any of these areas, but it helps.  If you don't have a background in these areas, it is essential that you have access to books, magazines, or other materials on your subject.  

It also helps to have a background in advertising, sales, or marketing, but again it is not essential.  We will help you learn these things as you go.  We will be adding this information to the website over time, and we will point you to FREE resources whenever possible.  We will also make you aware of books, tapes, and seminars that you may find helpful.  

However, a word of caution:  Most of your time should be WRITING and PROMOTING pages; MEETING people and SELLING product.  Do not get caught in the trap of ever learning and never DOING; always spending and never EARNING.   Training materials can help refine your efforts and increase your effectiveness, but they are not a substitute for steady effort.  Remember:  Nobody ever got rich while reading books on getting rich.

We also recommend having a quiet place to work.  Try to find a place that is comfortable and free of distractions.  Keep your work area organized and free of clutter.  The more professional your work area, the more serious and focused you will be.  It also helps to schedule a regular time to work on your business.  Treat it like a job and be your own boss.

Finally, and most importantly, BE CONSISTENT.  You can build a successful business in 3-4 years by working only 1-2 hours a day if you follow this principle.  However, you need to spend your time doing actual WORK.  In other words, you need to MEET people and SELL product; WRITE pages and PROMOTE them.  These are the ways you make money in this system.  Consistently doing these things allows you to build an automated money-making system bit-by-bit, and day-by-day .

This program is designed to make money the CHEAP and EASY way; it requires small amounts of effort (1-2 hours/day) over an extended period of time (3-4 years).  However, you can make money FASTER if you put in more effort, or pay someone else to do the work for you.  For example, you could put in 5 hours of quality work each day (or pay someoone else to) and start making money within a year.  The bottom line:  If you do the work, you reap the rewards.


  1. Focus on Customer:  Ask yourself who wants our products and why.  Offer what people want, and only sell to those who want what you offer.  
  2. Bottom Line on Top:  Give people the cost up front, then explain why it is worth it
  3. Be Honest:  Tell the truth, always, PERIOD.
  4. Work Consistently:  WRITE or PROMOTE pages; MEET People or SELL products for 1-2 hours each day.  Treat it like a job and be your own boss
  5. Network:  Connect with other members, divide up the work, and have each person specialize in a particular area,.  Grow your business as a team.
  6. Copy Success:  Study what other people are doing and try to figure out what works.  Find ways to duplicate their success and make it your own.
  7.  Be Creative:  Try to put a new spin on things and make your business stand out from the rest.
  8. Be Positive:  Look for the good in every person and every situation  
  9. Think Win-Win:  Look for ways to benefit others as you build your business
  10. Give Back: Always provide greater value in service than you receive for payment, and your income will grow to match your.contribution.
Individual results will vary depending on circumstances, effort, and capability.  This is not a job, but a business opportunity.  All opportunities carry risk.
Neither Symmetry Direct or Genesisdistributors.com can guarantee income or success.

A Word of WARNIING About Scams
With the Symmetry DIrect Opportunity


Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! 

  Reporting Scammers  

There are distributors who prey on those who are just getting started in the business.  These predatory sponsors seek to enrich themselves at others expense.  They use unethical and sometimes fraudulent tactics.  At Genesisdistributors.com we find such behavior appalling; it is destructive to the industry and gives everyone in Symmetry Direct a bad name. 

Be on the lookout for the following behaviors:

  • Promising a Job Interview:  The Symmetry Direct Opportunity is NOT a job; it is an investment opportunity.  Any Symmetry distributor who claims to be offering you a job is guilty of fraud and should be reported.
  • Assumed Name:  This is not illegal, but it is used unethically.  Scammers will not tell you they work for Symmetry Direct, preventing you from doing research and making your own decisions.
  • High-Pressure Sales:  Although not against the law, it certainly does not have your best interest at heart.  They pack you in with a dozen or so people for an hour-long presentation in which they attempt to brainwash you into joining their organization.
  • Selling the Business:  Again, not against the law, but is not in your interest.  Once they get you signed up they immediately try to sell you a bunch of training or marketing tools.  These usually take the form of books, cd's, movies, or seminars.




Symmetry Direct Pyramid Scam

If you have encountered a distributor engaging in any of the behaviors listed to the left, REPORT THEM on our forum listed above.  However, we ask that when you do please be professionalWe understand that you are upset, and have every right to be angry.  However, nobody wants to read a long, angry rant.  It is more effective to simply state the facts, including the name of the distributor, the location (city and state), a short description of what happened,, and any assumed name they might be using. 

If you have been scammed, we sincerely apologize on behalf of all the honest distributors in Symmetry Direct.  We hope that you will review the materials on this site anId get an accurate picture of what to expect from the Symmetry Direct Opportunity.  If you are still interested, we would love to do business with you. 

Otherwise You Can