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Thank you for taking interest in our company, our products, and our opportunities  We are proud to be part of the 500 BILLION dollar health and wellness industry, and helping millions achieve better health and greater wealth.

Feel free to check out Symmetry Genesis and our line of 50 other health and wellness products.  And, if you are interested in making some money, take a look at our mission and business opportunities. 

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Become a distributor for Symmetry Direct, and make extra money sharing GENESIS and our other products with your friends and family

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  Clear Boost   Ultra Vitality   Symply Magic  

Need a Boost?  Symmetry Direct gives you a special blend of herbs proven to give you instant energy and sharpen your focus without all the sugar of most energy drinks.  Take with Symmetry Genesis for safe, sustainable, energy.


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Ultra Vitality Crystals quickly dissolve in water, forming a refreshing citrus drink.  Meet all your daily nutrition needs with a single, easy-to-use packet.  Combine with Symmetry Genesis for the ultimate health combo!


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Symmetry Direct's most powerful weight loss supplement to date.  It is a safe and natural way to lose weight fast.  Combine with Symmetry Genesis to shed both pounds and inches like MAGIC!


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About Genesis Distributors

Our Story

Walter and Brett are aspiring entrepreneurs.  They joined Symmetry Direct in 2009 because they were looking for an inexpensive way to build a business.  They were impressed with the company and its products.  They also liked the fact that Symmetry Direct had been in business since 1995, and that it was still a relatively small company.  They knew they had a chance to make money in this business.

Unfortunately, they had trouble fitting into the business.  They simply were not sales people, and the few people they did know were so hard hit by the recession that they could barely afford the bare necessities.  After several fruitless months of meetings, phone calls, and fliers, they started looking for a better way. 

Walter had recently received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Iowa State University College of Business, where he studied Management Information Systems (MIS).  He had also studied e-commerce, and being a major geek, began looking for a web-based solution.  Walter researched existing sites and began designing Genesisdistributors.com

Each person contributed to its development.  Walt provided the technical know-how, while Brett brought a positive attitude and created an energized atmosphere.  Even their spouses helped.  Brett's wife Risa added her creativity and artistic flair, while Jenn offered a grounded, practical perspective.  They also received valuable input from friends and colleagues that helped refine key elements of the website. 

Now after two years and two re-designs, Genesisdistributors.com is ready to make history and change Multi-Level Marketing forever.   We will be the first to fully integrate the power of internet marketing and Direct Sales; to merge the physical and the digital.  We will also be the first to offer a program to enable people to get started in a business for FREE

We welcome everyone to come and be part of our success story.   It doesn't matter if you are a college student, stay-at-home parent, or a career professional, you can make it in this business.  You can build a successful business within 3-5 years working steadily 1-2 hours a day.   And you don't need to spend a DIME to do it.  Come, help us write the next chapter in the history of Direct Sales.  


Our Sponsor Symmetry Direct

Our supplier is a small, privately owned U.S. company named Symmetry Direct.  Symmetry has been in business since 1995, and markets high-quality health and nutrition products throughout the world using a network of independent distributors.  We are part of that network.

Because Symmetry Direct is privately owned it has a stronger focus on people rather than profits. Symmetry can pay out higher wages to more people because they do not have to meet the expectations of Wall Street analysts. They can also put more money into developing their products.

Because so much money goes into development, Symmetry Direct has the best products on the market. With higher potency, better absorption, and unique, patented processes, Symmetry blows away the competition by a wide margin. The products practically sell themselves.

Finally, rather than embarking on a massive media campaign, Symmetry Direct utilizes word-of-mouth advertising. People try their products and share them with their friends and family, then they become distributors. This saves Symmetry millions of dollars which they use to reward their distributors and develop their products


Symmetry Direct Products

Symmetry Direct  supplies us with high-quality health and wellness products. They use a combination of modern pharmaceutical science and ancient wholistic medicine to bring us a balanced blend of powerful nutrients for optimal health and natural healing. This synergy of old and new allows Symmetry to create products that allow us to live better longer.

One reason Symmetry Products are the best on the market is because they only use the best all-natural oganic ingredients. Symmetry Direct tests every batch of herbs for quality; using the latest scientific equipment to ensure purity and potency. Ingredients that do not meet their strict standards are rejected. Thus Symmetry products have earned the title "Better than Organic"

The second reason Symmetry Products are the best is because they use an ancient method of extraction called infusion. Rather than boiling or chemically processing the ingredients, destroying their delicate nutrients,  Symmetry Direct gently soaks their ingredients in water and lets the nutrients diffuse out naturally. This takes longer, but all the nutrients remain intact, and unchanged.

Another reason Symmetry Products are the best is because they are constantly improving. Symmetry Direct has a team of experts, called the Technical Research and Advisory Committee (TRAC Team), who scour the globe looking for new ingredients and better methods of production. They constantly experiment, and try to find ways to make Symmetry Products even better.

Finally, Symmetry Products are the best because on the market because THEY WORK. Symmetry Direct researches every ingredient that goes into their products to make sure they are safe and actually do something useful. Many have been used for thousands of years and have documented evidence that they work. Some are currently being studied in laboratories for their health benefits. Symmetry considers all of this before they use an ingredient.



Symmetry Direct Pyramid Scam

Symmetry Direct is NOT a scam.  However, for a while there were a few bad apples who were making life miserable for everyone else.  Some distributors were preying on those just getting started.  They used unethical and sometimes fraudulent tactics to enrich themselves at others expense. 

However, thanks to the valiant efforts of Symmetry watchdogs, the problem is for the most part cleared up.  However, be on the lookout for the following behaviors:

  • Promising a Job Interview:  The Symmetry Direct Opportunity is NOT a job; it is an investment opportunity.  Any Symmetry distributor who claims to be offering you a job is guilty of fraud and should be reported.
  • Assumed Name:  This is not illegal, but it is used unethically.  Scammers will not tell you they work for Symmetry Direct, preventing you from doing research and making your own decisions.
  • High-Pressure Sales:  Although not against the law, it certainly does not have your best interest at heart.  They pack you in with a dozen or so people for an hour-long presentation in which they attempt to brainwash you into joining their organization.
  • Selling the Business:  Again, not against the law, but it is not in your interest.  Once they get you signed up they immediately try to sell you a bunch of training or marketing tools.  These usually take the form of books, cd's, movies, or seminars.

If you have encountered a distributor engaging in any of the behaviors listed above, REPORT THEM in our complaints forum.  However, we ask that when you do please be professionalWe understand that you are upset, and have every right to be angry.  However, nobody wants to read a long, angry rant.  It is more effective to simply state the facts, including the name of the distributor, the location (city and state), a short description of what happened,, and any assumed name they might be using. 

Report To:
Symmetry Direct Pyramid Scam

If you have been scammed, we sincerely apologize on behalf of all the honest distributors in Symmetry Direct.  We hope that you will review the materials on this site anId get an accurate picture of what to expect from the Symmetry Direct Opportunity.  If you are still interested, we would love to do business with you. 







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